Installation of new windows in a residential building is an expensive project, so most homeowners are hesitant about implementing the improvement. However, the task is necessary if the windows' performance is not reliable for the house. Here are some of the important reasons why you should consider getting new glass.

Broken Panes

The breakage of the glass in windows does not necessarily mean that replacement is essential. Small cracks and holes can be repaired at a low price by professional glazers, and the window will be restored. However, extensive damage on the panes is permanent; therefore, replacement is obligatory. It is important to inquire from a qualified professional whether a window is salvageable before purchasing a new one to avoid extra costs.

Thermal Inefficiency

The glass used in homes should have high energy efficiency to reduce the total costs for heating and cooling. You should consider inviting an expert to carry out a glazing audit of your house and recommend improvements. For instance, if you have old windows that use single panes, you should consider purchasing double-pane replacements  because the former have minimal insulation capabilities. Though the project will be costly, it will provide long-term benefits through lower energy charges.

UV Damage

Poor glazing allows exposure of the home to UV rays, which is highly detrimental to assets. Long-term exposure typically leads to solar bleaching of household items such as furniture and carpets. The fabrics used start to fade resulting in poor visual impact; organic materials are especially susceptible. If you identify such problems, you should consider installing replacements that are treated with low emissivity coatings or spectrally selective glazing.

Poor Security

Windows are vulnerable spots, and they are commonly targeted by intruders for unauthorised access. You should install Grade A safety glass on all windows that are accessible from outside. Extensive or professional assessment is not necessary because there are only two approved types of residential safety glass according to Australian Standards AS1288 and AS2208. Purchase quality toughened or laminated glass to minimize the risk and consequences of breakage.

Low Appeal

Aesthetics are rarely a primary reason for window glass replacement, but there are benefits attached to an upgrade with more positive visual impact. New beautiful windows will increase the curb appeal of the home, and this will attract more buyers when you are ready to sell. Moreover, the project may increase the value of the property. Consider replacing your old stained and faded glass with contemporary tinted or clear alternatives.

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