Are you trying to select the right kind of locks for your business premises, but don't know how to make a decisions? To figure out the best type of locks for your needs it's a good idea to learn more about the different types available. By doing so you can make an informed decision with regards to the lock that you choose. Here are the common types of locks that you are likely to find available when hiring a locksmith service, such as Lockstar Locksmiths:

  • Knob Locks – when setting up business premises knob locks should be used for internal offices. For example, for the doors between offices, but they should never be used when security is a concern. That's because security-wise they are one of the worst choices available due to how easy it is to disable them. If any primary doors on your commercial real estate currently have knob locks then you might want to get them replaced with other options such as Mortise and deadbolts for the added security.
  • Deadbolts - for all external doors on your commercial real estate you should consider installing deadbolts due to their many security features. Opt for a double cylinder version over a single cylinder because those will provide a higher level of security. Some deadbolt locks can be setup so that the key cannot be copied at a key maker – this could be a useful extra security feature if there is a trust issue with employees.
  • Lever Handle Locks – they are a common option for commercial real estate because of the professional look that they bring to a building when compared to other types of locks. They are easier to open than a knob lock, and provide enough stability to last for a long time.
  • Furniture Locks – do you have items on your commercial property that you don't want any employee gaining access to? Then you should invest in some furniture locks that could be used to lock a cabinet for instance. This is more practical than keeping an entire room locked, and cheaper than investing in a safe.
  • Wall Mounted Locks – there are a variety of uses for wall mounted locks. One of which is to keep post secure on the front of your premises. Also keys in case of emergencies can be housed within a compartment that is integrated into a wall, and a wall mounted lock would be a viable way of getting access to them.