If you are buying a safe, you have many different lock options. To help you choose the best lock for your needs, here is a look at the pros and cons of four different types of safe locks. If you have questions on any of these locks or their potential efficacy, contact a local locksmith for assistance:

Mechanical Locks

Mechanical or rotary safe locks have stood the test of time for a reason. They can be extremely effective, and because they don't rely on electricity, you never have to worry about them running out of power – they will always secure your safe, and you can always open them. However, if you have a mechanical padlock on your safe, you can't change the combination yourself. Instead, a locksmith needs to do that for you. That can be a downside to these locks.

Electrical Locks

Electric locks can be easier to open than mechanical locks because you don't have to slowly and precisely turn a knob. Instead, you can just punch a few numbers into a keypad. Thanks to their visual displays, electric locks are easier to open in the dark, and you can easily change the code yourself. However, if the battery on the lock dies, you may not be able to access your safe.

Biometric Locks

Biometric locks rely on biological details to open them. They respond to elements such as fingerprints or eye scans, and in addition to being James-Bond-level cool, these locks do not require you to carry keys or remember codes. However, like electric locks, they rely on battery power and that can be a downside.

Additionally, if they have a mechanical element, you need to make sure that is secure as well. Unfortunately, sometimes when lock makers are making biometric locks, they get carried away by the technology and forget to make the mechanical elements as secure as they should be.

Voice Activated Locks

Although they may be hard to find, voice-activated safe locks do exist. These locks open whenever someone says the right word or phrase. If you can find one that memorises your vocal signature, they can be very safe. However, they have the same disadvantages of any other battery-powered lock.

Additionally, if your lock responds to any voice, that can compromise the security of your safe. If someone accidentally says the right word, your safe may unlock, and you may not even know it is open.