When your home looks and feels a bit outdated or drab, you may not need to invest too much time and money in a remodeling or redecorating project. Very often some simple changes can be all that's needed to give your home a fresh look and feeling, and brighten any room. Note a few simple and affordable changes you might consider for your home when you know its style needs an update.

1. Paint your fireplace

A brick fireplace can be very handsome but it can also start to look dull and drab after some time. For a fresh look, consider painting the brick. A crisp white can make the fireplace look bright and clean, and your fire may even be more visual against the light color. For a more modern look, consider a slate grey to darken the space and tone down the look of red bricks. You can even paint individual bricks a different shade of red if you like the color but notice that it has simply faded over time.

2. Swap out your lighting

In the kitchen or dining room or another room with overhead lighting, you may only need to change this fixture to give the entire room a fresh look. Remove the dull fluorescent light in the kitchen and install track lighting. Update the light fixture in the dining room to a set of sconces, or a real chandelier for added elegance. Glass globes can also give the room an updated look without interfering with the glow of the light itself.

3. Use mirrors and reflective surfaces

For dark spaces, use mirrors and reflective surfaces to bounce around light. A framed mirror across from a window can reflect that image and the light it lets in, so it may seem as if you have two windows in the room. You can also hang a mirror behind a lamp so that it reflects the light. In turn, the room will seem larger and brighter.

4. Change out your door handles and drawer pulls

Look at your door handles in your home and note if they're old and dull. If so, you may only need to change these for a fresh look. Choose a modern design such as matte black door handles and drawer pulls, as these work well against any color and with any type of décor.

You can use the same style of door handle and drawer pull all through the house, including in the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. This will give your home a cohesive look while updating every space and every entryway. You can learn about your options by consulting resources like The Lock and Handle.