Commercial locksmiths can help you when you lose the keys to your office, or need to change the locks after a supervisor has quit and didn't return their keys. However, they can usually offer many other services to you as well. These services can keep your building and your property more secure and even help you to avoid certain fines and fees.

Note what is meant by that, and when it's time for you to call a commercial locksmith:

Code Compliance

A commercial locksmith can go through your building and note if you're complaint with fire codes and codes that may affect those with disabilities who need access to the building. They may also check if your locks and alarms are compliant with building codes for wiring and electrical systems. In turn, you can avoid the risk of facing fines for not being compliant. This can also help to ensure the safety of your workers during a fire or other such disaster, as you know that no one will be locked out of a fire exit and even those with disabilities will be able to escape easily.

Coded Keys

You can save the hassle of needing to replace keys after every officer or supervisor leaves by using coded keys. These allow you to simply change the code or delete a code if you don't get keys back from personnel. A commercial locksmith can upgrade your locks to coded keys and systems for everything in your office, including desks, safes, filing cabinets, other office furniture, as well as interior and exterior doors.

Safe Services

If you need a safe in your office or need any type of service for the safe you have currently, a commercial locksmith can help. Usually they can install a new safe, re-code a safe and issue new keys, or repair a safe that is malfunctioning. They can also easily get into a safe if you've lost the keys or the combination, rather than having to drill the safe and ruin it.

Computer Hardware and New Lock Installation

A commercial locksmith may also be able to upgrade your locks with new computer hardware that offers features you may need, such as an audit trail to keep track of who is accessing the building. A commercial locksmith can also add new locks with upgraded features, such as a bio-lock that uses a fingerprint, retinal scan, or other biological signature to be opened. However you want to upgrade the locks themselves or the computer program used to control them, a commercial locksmith can help.