While you've probably gotten the locksmith to install robust locks on your doors, keep in mind that windows are often used to break into homes because they are typically the weakest link of your home's security. Taking proper steps to make your windows more resilient will go a long way in keeping your family safe, so make sure you follow these ideas for transforming your windows into impenetrable fortresses.

Install Laminated Glass To Protect Your Windows

Since security is your primary concern, make sure you use laminated glass on your windows. Laminated glass is also a type of grade A safety glass, which is tougher to break through. Laminated glass is strong and doesn't shatter into large shards when broken. It is usually made from two or more glass sheets with supple interlayers. If an intruder tries to break through the glass, it holds together by the interlayer. Laminated glass is considered the best window safety option for the home because it  can only be broken through with two or more blows, while other glasses may break with a single blow.

Install Proper Window Locks

Getting your locksmith to install proper window locks is a good way to protect your home from these potential entryways. While securing windows, keep in mind that you should also pay attention to the hinges, besides the lock side. You can get your locksmith to install hinge-side window locks to protect both sides of your window from intruders. A window bar lock is an excellent choice for windows because it has strong fixing points at the bottom and the top of the window. You should also fortify your window with tilt locks and handle locks to cover all your bases when it comes to protecting your family from any harm.

Connect Windows To Your Home's Security Alarm

Don't make the mistake of connecting only your main and back doors to the security system because windows pose the same risk of intrusions into your home. Skilled burglars know that most modern homes have security systems, so they are always looking for the weak link. This makes windows their first point of entry. You should ideally get a specialised professional to connect your current security system to your windows. If the window is forcibly pried open, the security alarm will go off in your home, which will scare the burglar away.

Protecting your window is important when you work with a locksmith or window installer, so follow these tips for transforming them into impenetrable fortresses.