Closed-circuit surveillance cameras are an excellent way to monitor your business premises. The cameras record valuable footage that can even help you watch over your business from afar, apprehend culprits and solve a crime. Their main aim is to deter crime because few burglars will notice you have CCTV targeting your business. Here are the different camera types and models available to help you choose the ideal one for your needs. 

Bullet Camera Models

The bullet camera models have a long cylindrical shape. You can position them optimally in your business premises, and they will capture video footage over a maximum radius. That said, they cannot tilt or move from one side to another, which means their angle of view is limited. They work best in indoor settings for long viewing. This type of camera will give you excellent footage of a parking lot and driveway as it can capture images from several meters away. Ensure that the camera is covered with a weatherproof casing to protect from all forms of weather damage. 

C-Mount Cameras

These cameras have detachable lenses to allow you to change them to suit your function. The standard C-mount camera records videos over a limited distance. However, if you want yours to record videos or objects at a wider angle, you can fit them with an upgraded lens. This should allow you to zoom in and out without losing focus. 

The Dome CCTV Camera

Dome cameras only work for indoor security installations. They have a dome shape which makes them inconspicuous. That said, it can be hard to tell the direction the camera is facing unless you get up close. The camera will remain visible, and people are aware there is surveillance on the building. The cameras are installed on the ceilings of your building, making it harder to tamper with them during a break-in. You might also consider asking whether there is an alternative with infra-red illuminators to help you maintain visibility in the dark. 

High Definition CCTV Cameras

These are the latest invention cameras when it comes to video quality. The cameras have a powerful lens and can capture fine details. You are likely to spot them in casinos and banks due to the precision they provide. 

These are just a few of the options when choosing surveillance cameras. It is best to get assistance from a competent CCTV installation and maintenance technician when selecting the model most suitable for your needs. Contact a CCTV installation company for more information.